The new automated chemical denaturation systems from Unchained Labs will help you accelerate your biologics development programs.

The Technology

  • Until now stability has been measured by heating proteins until they denature. With automated chemical denaturation, more analytical information is available to assess stability.
  • Only chemical denaturation measures how much protein is in the correct native conformation and how much is denatured and prone to aggregate at room temperature or experimental temperature.
  • Better yet, chemical denaturation requires only 25-50 µg of protein per test. With so little protein required, you are able to test more conditions earlier leading to better decisions and lower risk of following misleading or highly limited data.

No other company offers the breadth and depth of automated chemical denaturation expertise and products.

To learn more about how chemical denaturation technology can help you, please contact us for a consultation or to schedule a webinar or on-site seminar for you and your colleagues.